The AHBOV system comes with a 3-year Limited warranty. Each AHBOV product is developed using high quality components.

Our Limited warranty covers the replacement or substitution of components that result to be caused by manufacturer defects.

Please  reference our AHBOV USER GUIDE for more information.

If the AHBOV system has yielded no benefit after 20 consecutive days of use, please return the AHBOV system before the 30th day from purchase.



Refund is not applicable if:

  • There are damages caused by ordinary use
  • There are damages to the aesthetic of the product (scratches, dents, rupture of the case and/or activator, ect.)
  • Damages caused by improper use
  • Power surges
  • Inappropriate manipulations
  • Contact with liquids or fire (our product is splash proof not waterproof) 
  • Malfunctioning caused by the use of products that are not compatible with ours (incompatible voltages and power outlets from different countries)
  • Attempted opening of our product
  • Any modifications or changes to our product (including any type of attempt to fix the product both from the customer or any unauthorised third party)