Our family has been using AHBOV for over 2 years, during which we all have felt multiple benefits especially with headaches and sinusitis.

Georgia G.

Using AHBOV periodically, I don't suffer from back pain any longer.

Chris M.

I was tested COVID positive and my son gifted me with AHBOV, I immediately started using it twice a day for 30 minutes and my symptoms disappeared very quickly.

Bruna C.

"I haven’t slept very well for nearly thirty years and just accepted this but when I was introduced to the AHBOV System from that day onwards I have been sleeping like never before and I certainly won’t let the system go now that I get a great sleep every night. I just wish this was available before!"


Due to my illness, I was using an oxygen chamber daily, my oxygen levels would raise from 91% to 97% at every use, however would decrease the next day until the I used the oxygen chamber again. When I decided to use the AHBOV System, the results were amazing. I used it one hour every day and my levels rose from 91% to 98%, and remained at that level consistently. Since using the AHBOV System, I have never used the oxygen chamber again.


I was introduced to the AHBOV System to assist me with the lack of oxygen in my blood.  My history from regular visits to the hospital showed my oxygen levels were always very low. After the first month of using the system, the doctor said, “wow, your levels are at 100%, what are you doing?” I have made two more monthly visits back to the hospital doctor since and my levels were recorded at 100% as a direct result of using the AHBOV System daily.

Pi Lah

Having sleeping disorder for a very long time, I have tried many ways to combat this problem with no luck.  After using the AHBOV System, by the third day I had one of the best sleeps I ever had in a long time and continue to do so.  This system is very easy to use, so much so that now I leave it under my mattress turned on permanently so when I go to bed its working for me every day without having to remember to use it.


For years I have had severe sleeping problems, a friend suggested me to use AHBOV, my sleeping quality changed dramatically. I can now sleep regularly without any issues.

Nhami R.